Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Tulsi Dharmarajan.  I’ve lived and worked in 3 continents & many different cities.

In December, 2012 I moved to Hyderabad, India after spending more than 15 years in the US.

Until recently I was Director of Product Management & Design at Allegiance a leading provider of voice of the customer applications. I still continue to work for Allegiance, part time while I try my hand at new stuff. I’ve had many different roles before then and you can find out more on my LinkedIn profile.

In early 2013 I started my own company ZuriLabs, with the goal of creating small, useful, and beautiful digital products.

I also enjoy exploring new tastes in the kitchen and cooking for friends makes me happy. 6 of my recipes from this blog were recently accepted to be published in a cookbook. I’m stoked about that!

A few years ago I used to help dj for a local radio show about South Asian culture and politics called Border Crossings.

My other passions include reading, watching documentaries & movies (I would watch one everyday if I had the time), signing up for every beta product I hear about, and pixel counting.

The site is named after my two dogs: Tashi & Zuri and one of their favorite toys: Octopee. Tashi passed away in April 2010, but she remains a part of our lives & this site.

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Tashi, Zuri and Octopee

Tashi, Zuri and Octopee