On Giving Kudos

Last night I received a little note:

Wow! Nice job kid. 🙂

That one line went such a long way. I was willing to work harder and felt happy while doing so.

So for all you managers and non-managers out there, don’t be so tight fisted with your praise.

Let your friends, colleagues, and employees know when they’ve done a good job.. be ecstatic, use adjectives you wouldn’t normally use, show your love!

Feel free to plagiarize from the phrases below 🙂

  • Thank you! (We never say this often enough, and use exclamations!!)
  • Amazing work
  • You’re the best
  • You’re a rockstar
  • Awesome!
  • WOW!

Give it a try and see if it works.


Calling women in technology!!

Dear *women* friends,

I am presenting at TheGoaProject

I would love to hear from each of you (twitter, comments below, or find me elsewhere):
1. Of experiences you might have had
2. How you might things could improve
3. Any suggestions on stuff I should read please?

It doesn’t need to be about technology – just about work spaces would be good too.

Many thanks!