Doggie Vaccinathon!

The English & Foreign Languages University is home to a pack of fine dogs, they keep us company, make us happy, give us love, and every once again are agonizing too.

There is a whole gang of committed students who take care of this fine dog pack, feed them (sometimes even Biryani!), love them, take them to the vet when needed.

One evening, we decided we needed to do a little more to keep these dogs healthy. So began scheming the idea of the Doggie Vaccinathon on EFLU campus. First order of business was finding a vet who visit our campus and spend an afternoon with us – Dr. Mirza Taher Ali Baig kindly agreed to vaccinate our dogs. He only charged us the cost of the meds, so nicely it became somewhat affordable.

On August 24th we set forth and rope in hand to hold the doggies in situ while Dr. Baig walked from place to place vaccinating the dogs.

We managed to vaccinate all the dogs that we collectively took care. Here are just a few photographs, we were more busy rounding up the doggies than taking photos!
mobileclinic fatty foxy efbee


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