Learning from print

This weekend I poured over the visualizations in the New York Times (print copy) and for a change got around to writing about them.
The weather information is perfect: No chartjunk, many metrics compared with small multiples, and to top it success with no color!

"Success One chart, many metrics:

  • Many regions compared
    they had 4 rows and 4 columns
  • Weekly time trend
  • High & low temperatures for each region & time period
  • All time high & low for each region & time period
Legend for ease
Some really nice things they use:
Ideas to gather from the visualization:

  • A nice single legend that explains everything (if you ever need)
  • Scale is the same on all (must be the case for small multiples) – but they just align up on all – and they don’t show any numbers for anything else. Look at for example the comparison on line 2.
  • Grid lines in an odd & friendly multiple sort of way.
  • No x & y axis line
  • X axis labels shown on top of the grid

Just fabulousness (though that’s not a word). Zero training, ready to go, success for many years. What else could one want for?

Read more about successful data visualization at:

All of us could learn from their writing style, says so much and yet so approachable and easy.. “a thunderstorm or two”, if you can deal with one then don’t worry about the rest of your day!

Weekend print version for 6 bucks is totally worth it. Keep NY Times print version in business, get yourself a copy this weekend (if you haven’t already done so before)!


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