Page is Dead

Jacob Surber

Product Manager, Adobe


Design for the content

  • Firm center and soft periphery
  • Responsive Web Design: Boston Globe redesign example
  • Hide the outline on the tablet, or smaller resolutions.
  • Media query – in order of your audience
  • Task oriented for mobile content – 30 seconds to a minute.
  • Object oriented CSS for improved design standards


  • Upstatement – check out the blog post about responsive web design
  •  PelicanFly – absolute positioned on the grid
  •  Austin W website
  • Menacing Cloud – edward cant
  • filamentgroup – responsive images
  • w3c respimages

Interesting References

  • Johannes Gutenberg: Distribution methods are changing again, similar to protests in the 1472 regarding print (no longer in control of the priests)
  •  Denis Diderot – Information Overload first statement – 1755
  • First concept of a “Page” – London Times – 1811

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