UX Team of None

Towards a Minimum Viable Experience

This was one of my favorite presentations

Changing the button from “Register” > “Continue” increased revenue to 300$ million

Beecher: UX consultant
Brenda Evans: Google
Chris Sanders: Google
Russ Unger: UX consultant chicago

There are “no more”UX people in Chicago – funny tweet from UX recruiter
5x the UX jobs in Atlanta than UXers available.


lo-fi design concepts

  • Explore multiple concepts at the same time: 6-8-5 – most versatile. 6 to 8 sketches in 5 min. It was excellent, 1 8×11 paper. 5 minutes for SXSW find party app.
  • Do several rounds, multiple rounds. With different people in the room.
  • First round usually gets all the crap out of your head.
  • Next step: 1up. full piece of paper
  • Get feedback early & regularly.
  • Game storming – no detail, but they sent out a white paper on this.


Asking for feedback: How to ask for feedback regularly – even initial versions that you think are crap.

  • when asking for feedback, describe what you want feedback on and what you don’t want feedback on. For example, you don’t want feedback on the copy or viz. design only the flow.
  • setup the context for the user – what is the challenge, user considerations (what is the user doing before or after using your app), technical considerations (mobile, screen size etc)
  • What about this design resonates with you.
  • Give them a screenshot > post its & pens and people can constantly give feedback. If the paper looks messy, the user is more willing to give feedback.

Giving feedback 

  • constructive
  • good critique is a constant dialog.
  • keep asking questions
  • no “that’s not going to work” > “instead maybe try this to improve the flow”

Receive: knowing how to listen.

  • Fresh perspective
  • Be a listenoholic
  • don’t get wrapped up in the edge cases

Testing & Validation

Guerilla research in the wild

  • woman on street – “would you look at this for me, I’ll buy you coffee”
  • tell the user they are testing the app and not them.
  • use your phone for recording
  • make the user feel comfortable
  • ask really vague questions. Like “What do you see here”, “What would you do first”
  • you can focus on the overall or just a small piece of it.
  • show the user a max of three designs.
  • why, why, why.. whiddle down to a single.

Other testing & validation methods:

  • User/browser playing
  • A/B testing

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