Tashi is a little better

Saturday evening

Saturday evening

The treatment seems to be working so far. Today Tashi got up by herself after a few days, drank water, moved around in her bed by herself. AND the pain is gone from her eyes, we are seeing a glimmer of the usual loveliness in her eyes once again! My little one has a will to live and we are so, so relieved.

There seems to be some communication from her brain to her legs. She is able to move her back legs a little bit, but still unable to balance herself fully – but we are hoping that some physiotherapy is going to help this.

We left her unattended for just 20 minutes and the little one managed to bring herself into the house all by herself. So, now our biggest challenge is to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself in her enthusiasm (and pain numbed with the pain killers).

We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope that things go in the same direction over the past few days.

Today we are also cooking a batch of food. What’s in the meal for tomorrow:

  • Protein: Beef – nice chunks of meat that I’m sure T & Z are going love chewing!
  • Veggies: Carrots, broccoli, collard greens, mushrooms
  • Carbs: Barley, rice, sweet potatoes

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