The wholistic diet

For the past three days Tashi (and now Zuri too) have been on a healthy, wholistic diet! For the past couple meals they’ve been eating better than both of us 🙂

So, the diet:

  • 40% protein:
    • chicken/turkey/duck
    • lean beef/lean lamb/lean pork/buffalo
    • eggs
    • salmon/white fish/tuna/clams
    • kidney/liver/gizzards – apparently super good!
  • 30% carbs:
    • sweet potato/yams/potato
    • barley/wheat/rice/pasta/oats/quinoa
    • squash/carrots (what, they are a carb?), pumpkin
  • 30% veggies:
    • mushrooms
    • zucchini
    • greens: collard/spinach/kale
    • broccoli/cabbage/cauliflower
    • peppers
    • cucumber
    • okra
    • asparagus
    • beans
    • ONIONS are not good for dogs!

The meal had to be grand enough, in honor of the start of Top Chef Masters :):

Wednesday's meal

Wednesday's meal

  • Protein for the day: chicken
  • Carbs: a combination of barley, rice, lentils, sweet potatoes
  • Veggies: collard greens, beans, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots

Tashi & Zuri sure seem to love the food! And we’ve worked out that it’s not that much more expensive than feeding them dog food.

They were on R/D until recently – though R/D appears to be quite crappy. Including 11% of the food filled with peanut hulls (for fiber they say)

Canidae is a much better substitute for weight loss/maintenance.

Figure out what you are feeding your dog and if it’s time for a change here:


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