Glimmer of hope

The lovely Tashi

The lovely Tashi

We have seen some improvement since yesterday evening. Just as I was starting to panic about not urinating for almost 24 hours and had started leaving frantic messages for the vet and acupuncturist, there was a slight change in things.

Tashi picked her head up and started trying to crawl. Still nothing in her back legs, but she can move them a little.

Ooooh — we hope that this is the glimmer of hope that we have all been seeking for the past few days!!!

This morning, Tashi got up bright and early and moved herself to be close to me on the bed. Lovely start to my day!! We then carried her outside where she proceeded with her morning “bidness” all by herself. She’s crawling around right now, though difficult to see, this is far far better than the two most miserable days so far.


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