Wholistic approach

Tashi has not moved the entire day, even trying to move her from one position to another causes a lot of wincing and whining. For those of you who don’t know Tashi – this is the dog that has lived much of her life with hip dysplasia and has still bolstered on at the dog park, beach or wherever we’d take her too with much enthusiasm. This is the dog that has lived life to her fullest and given love even more.

So, this is our Tashi I wonder? Wincing with every move? This is our Tashi?

What are our options? A possible CT scan that could indicate she has a spinal injury of some sort or possibly cancer.  The solution will then be spinal surgery which the vet says she may not be able to handle. Hence, that to us doesn’t seem like a solution.

Instead, we have decided to give acupuncture a shot. The acupuncturist came to our house this evening and gave Tashi a session.  She had some relief quite immediately (though she seems to be back in pain a few hours later). We’re also switching Tashi to a high quality diet – meat, rice, lots of veggies – to give this solid, strong one a fighting chance.

Now – we wait and see with bated breath and fingers crossed.


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