Self diagnosis

We were starting to lose hope. Tashi growled, grumbled and whined when we tried taking her out on Wednesday morning. She had not lifted her head off the bed, moved from her position or anything for a few hours. We were also starting to worry about urination and everything else. It was looking dreary.

After several google searches and several sites read we finally ran across a condition where the symptoms were eerily similar to what Tashi had exhibited. Could we have found her problem  by putting two and two together (sans CT scan and other tests)?

Intervertebral Disc Disease

Intervertebral disc rupture in the thoracolumbar region presents with variable degrees of pain; however, characteristic gait abnormalities begin to develop and progress in usually predictable patterns. Early in the course of the disease a pet may simply refuse to walk or jump as it had previously, then an ataxic (“drunken sailor” or wobbly in the hind end) gait develops. The front limbs appear normal but the hind feet will often cross as the pet steps. The entire hind end of the dog may sway without any real degree of coordination. Next to be lost is full motor function in the hind end, and the pet often will exhibit variable weakness and refusal or inability to walk or stand. This precedes complete loss of hind limb motor function. Usually at the same time, conscious ability to urinate is lost and the pet loses the ability to void (empty) its bladder completely. Urine pooling in the urinary bladder often leads to a large distended bladder and subsequent urine dribbling. Finally pain perception is lost, which is a sign of severe cord injury that can carry a guarded to poor prognosis.

Recommended treatment

A combination of steroids, acupuncture and physiotherapy was recommended on most websites. Let’s give Tashi every fighting chance we decide and attack this thing from all possible angles.

We started her on a combination of Pepcid + steroids and introduced yogurt into her diet to counteract the steroids and settle her stomach!

Treatment begins

Medicine Bowl

Medicine Bowl


  • Pepcid: 20mg: Stomach settling
  • Prednisone: 20mg: Neurological
  • Bu Yong Won: Neurological
  • Omega-3: Fish oil: Dysplasia
  • Glucosamine compound: Dysplasia
  • Tramadol: Pain
  • Chinese pain medication: unsure what the name is: Pain
  • Calcium: General

Other stuff

  • Sardines: General
  • Yogurt: General
  • Home cooked food: General
  • Lots of hours sunning in the backyard
  • Massages
  • Movement of her limbs so they don’t get too atrophied



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