Tashi’s journey

We’ve had Tashi, our collie mix for nine years and during this time she has been the most loving companion anyone could dream of. She has provided us many hours of happiness and entertainment and we in turn have returned with tons of love and more.

Tashi was diagnosed with hip dysplasia a few years ago. We decided that rather than surgery we would go the glucosamine and regular exercise route. This has worked wonderfully so far. Until a month ago she was a regular at our local dog park, choosing not to run but walk with her fellow park pals.

Few weeks ago we noticed she was limping and took her into the vet. He said her left leg was sore and prescribed rimadyl and rest. So, lot’s of rest she’s had. Four days ago however I noticed that she was unable to put any weight on her back leg.  I called a friend for a different vet recommendation (we were not happy with the previous vet) and took her in.

This time, we got x-rays and turns out her femur has been dislocated out of the hip socket 😦

Oh no, I kicked myself – how could I have let this happen. The vet assured me that it was not my fault (though I still disagree to some extent). Once we began her on rimadyl it is possible she felt the sensation of pain much less and did something to herself in our backyard, the only possible solution. (Since we’ve been crating her on our occasional visits outside the house)

We begin this record of Tashi’s journey today to keep a record for others, so we learn along the way so it may benefit other dog owners.


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