Dysplasia: lessons learnt

Lesson 1: Memory foam is good for orthopedic pain but also good in general

The first thing we did about a week ago, which frankly should have been done a long time back, was order Tashi a memory foam mattress. We got ours on Amazon, and decided to pay the shipping just so it would get here quickly. The one ordered was to fit her crate perfectly, which it does. However the crate is now too small since Tashi can’t maneuver inside it. The mattress too seems to be a little too small now.

Though, no worries – our other little one Zuri has fast adopted the mattress for herself and has made it her own with her muddy paws, fur and all. So, of course there will be no returning it!   We are in the process of getting another one for Tashi in the meantime she’s on a large futon mattress.


Lesson 2: Tramadol

Next thing, Tashi is on Tramadol. This seems to be relieving her pain quite a bit.

Lesson 3: Omega-3 & Glucosamine

Finally, we got an acupuncture specialists name from a friend. She has suggested a higher dosage of glucosamine and also adding fish oil. I did further research and found that Omega-3 fish supplement has proven successful. We of course have begun too late. [LESSON: Begin Glucosamine and Omega-3 fish oil soon! Check with your vet on how much you should give etc.]



Lesson 4: Acupuncture

Studies seem to indicate that acupuncture can have huge positive effects for hip dysplasia in dogs.

The only reason for documenting this is that it may benefit other owners of hip dysplastic dogs.


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