UXProfessionals feedback appreciated!

Hello experts!
I’d like to get your feedback on the usability of three different paradigms for selecting items from a list of items.

The slosh bucket

Two list boxes. The one on the left has all the items that can be selected, the one on the right has the selected items.


  • Clarity on the actions
  • Very clear to the user what can be selected and what has been selected


  • Not usable for a long list of records
  • Clunky user interface
  • May not have enough horizontal web-estate to display more than one column of data

The list with check-boxes

A list of rows where the check-boxes (or row color) indicate the selected options.


  • Clarity on the the row that is selected
  • With a sort function, this could potentially work for long lists
  • More data/content can be displayed for each row


  • Pagination is tricky. What happens when some of the selected rows or on Page 2?

What are the other options?

  • Is there something that works for pagination?
  • Is there a cleaner implementation of a slosh bucket
Recommendations from UX Pro
  • Slosh bucket with drag and drop
  • Use slosh bucket if you are short on web-estate, else try the list view

Note: Option 3 has since been removed. If sorting is available in option 2, then Option 3 would also be available


2 thoughts on “UXProfessionals feedback appreciated!

  1. Katie says:

    Option 2 would be nice if you provided an option to promote the selected items to the top. This would help when selected items are on multiple pages. You could also provide a filter to only show the selected items.

  2. Hi Katie,
    Thanks a lot for this suggestion. I really like the idea of filtering or some mechanism for moving the items to the top of the list if the user desires.
    Have you seen any good examples of either of these that you can direct me towards?

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