Mysore Sambar Powder

MYSORE SAMBAR POWDER Ingredients: 2 tsp: oil, 3 tbsp.Corriander Seeds; 1/8 tspn. Whole Fenugreek seeds; 1/2 – 1/3” pc. Of Asafotedia,(2.5cm) Cinnamon Stick broken up, 3 tbsp.whole dried Red chillies (or less if you wish the sambar to be medium hot put in just 1 ½ tbsp.dried whole Red Chillies), 2 tbspn. Chana Dhal, 4 tbsp.dessicated Coconut; A few – fresh or dried curry leaves.
Method: Heat 1 tspn. Oil in a small cast iron frying pan, when hot, put in the corriander seeds, cinnamon, asafortedia & fenugreek seeds stir until the corriander seeds turn a shade darker & emit a roasted aroma. Empty into a bowl. Put in the Red Chillies into the same frying pan. Stir & roast until they start to darken. Put them too into a bow. Now put the remaining 1 tsp. Of Oil into the frying pan, when hot add the Chana Dhal stir & fry until it turns reddish. Put it into a bowl. Put the Coconut & Curry Leaves & fry until the Coconut turns a light brown. Remove from heat. Now put all the fried spices into a bowl along with the Coconut & Curry leaves – leave the spices to cool. Now place the spices in batches into the dry grinder & grind to a slightly coarse powder. Put into tightly sealed bottles & use when necessary.


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