Paneer South Indian Curry

250gm paneer

4 tbsp oil

1 large onion-finely chopped

10-12 curry leaves

3 tomatoes- chopped

1/2 tsp haldi

1 tsp Chilli powder

salt to taste.

1 tbsp lemon juice or to taste

1inch piece ginger

8-10 flakes garlic

1 tbsp khus-khus (poppy seeds)

2 tbsp cashewnuts-soak together with khus-khus in hot water


Finely roast and grind 1/2 cup fresh grated coconut(remove brown skin before grating)

1 tsp whole dhania seeds

1/2 tsp jeera

1 tsp saunf(fennel)

2-3 dry whole red chillies

seeds of chotti illaichi(green cardamoms)

2-3 laung(cloves)

1inch dalchini (cinnamon sticks)

1 tbsp oil


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