The August Fest: Startup Chai

The purpose of Startup Chai was to create a forum where everyone could converse with each other – the entire space is the stage and all the participants are the experts & speakers!


Saturday, August 30th was filled with lively conversations – both scheduled and unscheduled. 

We requested folks to suggest their own sessions. We received almost 20 proposals and many votes. After counting & collating, we picked the three most voted for sessions and here they are!!



Sunday, August 31

10:00 am: Idea to entrepreneur

11:30am: Design + Startup

2pm: Python Love (The programming language, maybe snakes too)

4pm: Feminist Geekdom (Yes, men are welcome too)

5:30pm: Internet of Things

Join us at


Dog Biscuits – Tried & Tested!


  1. 1 cup oats
  2. 1 cup flour
  3. 2 grated carrots
  4. 1 egg
  5. 1 cup chicken liver (250 grams)
  6. 1 tablespoon honey


  • Preheat over to 350°F or 175°C
  • Clean and blend the chicken livers (Quite yucky. Vegetarians…. brace yourself!)
  • Add all dry ingredients and mix well (ingredients 1 – 3 above)
  • Now add the liquids and mix well (ingredients 4 – 6 above)
  • Spread to about 3/4 cm thick on a cookie sheet or plate (I have to use two)
  • Bake for 25 minutes
  • Remove from the over & slice into squares or rectangles. Separate them
  • Back for another 10 minutes (depending on your oven you may need to bake a little longer)
  • Since this is the first time baking this batch, I’ve refrigerated most and kept a few out to see how long they hold up. 

Voila.. now your canine loves you just a little more (if that was even possible)!

Here are three happy customers.

The Best Product Manager: Hustler, Designer, Hacker

I was invited to be a guest blogger for  Juice Analytics. Michel Guillet, Product Manager at Juice wrote up a nice introduction to my article:

Much of what makes a great product manager is empathy and a desire to serve others. Tulsi demonstrates these qualities better than most I’ve come across.  As you will see below, her passion for design as part of product management is only surpassed by that for her customers, products and causes.  Oh, and there is usually much laughter involved. Enjoy and feel free to reach out to her at

Read the post… 

Doggie Vaccinathon!

The English & Foreign Languages University is home to a pack of fine dogs, they keep us company, make us happy, give us love, and every once again are agonizing too.

There is a whole gang of committed students who take care of this fine dog pack, feed them (sometimes even Biryani!), love them, take them to the vet when needed.

One evening, we decided we needed to do a little more to keep these dogs healthy. So began scheming the idea of the Doggie Vaccinathon on EFLU campus. First order of business was finding a vet who visit our campus and spend an afternoon with us – Dr. Mirza Taher Ali Baig kindly agreed to vaccinate our dogs. He only charged us the cost of the meds, so nicely it became somewhat affordable.

On August 24th we set forth and rope in hand to hold the doggies in situ while Dr. Baig walked from place to place vaccinating the dogs.

We managed to vaccinate all the dogs that we collectively took care. Here are just a few photographs, we were more busy rounding up the doggies than taking photos!
mobileclinic fatty foxy efbee

Devthon Hyderabad

The weekend of August 10th, I was glad to have been a part of Devthon where I helped facilitate teams and helped with User Interface assistance as required. Devthon acts as a catalyst for the questioning, curious mind to explore real problems and collaborate with others to drive home solutions. Unlike other hack events I have attended that seemed to the sometimes serve the purpose of using a specific product, solving a specific problem, and in some cases act as a hiring platform – Devthon attempts to have a more open format with less pressure, more willingness to celebrate failure as an important means towards success, and a collaborative & sharing atmosphere.

This is an important facet we seem to forget and are unable to inculcate in primary education systems where the goal is always pushing towards tuitions, entrance exams, and competition. Spaces like Devthon enable approaching a problem more creatively by eliminating the looming deadline or requirement to prove oneself.

Proof of success came about from the projects that were initiated at Devthon. getRTI, recently covered in the news, creates a platform to make government more transparent, by facilitating a web-based interface to all “Right to Information” submissions. Their struggle includes working with OCR API’s to derive meaningful information from RTI information from the Government. The Traffic Jam team explored various frameworks to model patterns in traffic jams towards providing tools for city planners to improve the lives of pedestrians & motorists, their struggle was right/left bias in the available frameworks which they are attempting to hack for Indian requirements.The Chaakri team had a different problem to solve, the creation of an open-source job portal that anyone can use for an organization. There were many more exciting projects, including an open-source LMS platform built from the ground-up; an eco-friendly, minimalist table designed for hackers; a non-accident proof bicycle; and more. Folks with design skills were put to work across projects to help build accessible, user friendly front ends and memorable logos.

We also had the distinct pleasure of hearing a talk on design thinking by Karthi Subbaraman. She did a fabulous job of using a case study to demonstrate design thinking to elevate understanding beyond just jargon & buzzwords. Adi Narayana Vemuru was on hand throughout to provide guidance on lean startup methodology and inspired teams to think about their minimal viable product, and to focus on the essentials first.

A very special thanks to the organizers, Prashant, Harish, and Venky for creating this space.

I look forward to future Devthons & watch the hacker mindset grow & thrive in Hyderabad and India!